strawberries and grape tomatoes

A caveat on zero waste – After chatting to my friend Rob at a party last night (he’s doing plastic free july, and we ate so many chips guiltily because we can’t eat that packaged goodness any more) I’ve realised that I’m not completely the zero waste queen I might appear to be. Well, that I was before I broke my leg, then I started eating delicious packaged foods again and oh god it was good. But I don’t intend to be the kind of zero waste purist you see all over instagram, I want to be rational about it.

There are parts of my life that I just can’t compromise on. Mostly for me that’s medication. Anti anxiety medication, contraceptives, vitamins, painkillers… Without them my life would really, really suck. And to be honest, if I’m having a bad day I’m going probably buy a bottle of wine too.

I’m also controversially not a vegan. The one time I tried to be a vegetarian I had serious issues with anemia and I quite like cheese. And I have yet to find somewhere to buy strawberries and little tomatoes that doesn’t have packaging, but I still eat them on occasion. So sue me. I have enough issues eating regularly and maintaining a balanced diet anyway, so eating the good things I like helps me keep things balanced.

Zero waste is a hard change to make, and is incredibly worth it, but isn’t worth sacrificing your physical and mental health for.




coles brand black tea, no sugar.

I think this year I’ve hit my low point – I’ve started buying coles brand black tea. No definitive type of tea, just ‘black tea’. I’m not sure what’s weaker: it, or my resolve to get out of bed in the morning.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.34.04 pm

My name’s not Clement, but we’ll go with that for now. I just turned 25 and I’m in the biggest debt of my life, just dropped out of uni, am unemployed and in less than a month I will be homeless and couch surfing. And still living in Perth. Yeah sounds bad to me too. But frankly, this is the happiest and most mentally healthy I’ve been in years and years. Well maybe not happy, but, okay? This is the most okay I’ve been in years. A genuine achievement.

I’ve decided to publicly write about the things that I’m doing to get out of this slump because I everyone seems to be in the same boat currently. It’s hard being mid-20s, (“millennial”) independent and in Australia right now and I don’t think we’re talking about it enough. I’m trying not to swear but really, it’s shit. I’m sick of older generations looking down on us when all around me young people are working so hard, struggling so much, and sometimes, getting places.

I do also try to live my life as zero-waste as possible. After doing a big zero-waste lifestyle change, I tried to keep it going, but ended up breaking my leg and relying on a combo of coles delivery and kindness from parental figures. Go figure. So I’ll be turning back to my zero-waste roots and writing about how to make small, not drastic, changes in your life that can reduce waste, and your bills. Oh, and did I mention my crippling mental health issues? There’s that too.

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some sick zero-waste bread

Don’t get me wrong, in many ways I live a cushy and privileged life, and I’m so grateful to the people in my life that keep me ticking along,  but I want to be honest about what I do. I want this blog to be a source of frugal living tips (from not another ‘mommy blogger’), a place to discuss my personal struggle with anxiety and depression, triumphs of my other mid-20s babes, promote a zero-waste mindset and also, celebrate the little things – celebrate the trashy goddesses we are.

So please pour yourself a glass of goon and be the trash queen you were always meant to be.

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