Vanilla Rooibos with a touch of Rose

There has been an lengthy absence in my blog updates, which is what I didn’t want to happen. I frequently dream of being a ~real blogger~ (frankly because so many beautiful lifestyle blogs are the reason I’ve made so many positive changes to my life in recent years) but I’m pretty rubbish at it. I’ve started and given up on so many blogs, and I felt like giving up on this one, but I thought of the reason I started this one – to talk about zero waste from the point of view of someone who’s not wealthy, not a ‘crunchy mum, and not completely crazy.

Well, I did recently make mini greenhouses out of strawberry boxes which most people thought was mad, which was actually quite successful. (I’m growing thyme and Gypsophila or ‘baby’s breath’) There have also been a lot of missed zero-waste team hangouts, we made a tonne of Mexican food and pancakes and even had a big old clothes swap! Featuring vegan bake sale by yours truly.

Lately the broke scale has been sliding more towards broken. While I’m impressed that I can now stretch $7 to last me 2 weeks, this newly enforced monkish veganism is starting to get me down. I haven’t had take away soy hot chocolate in a park (my favourite thing ever) in several months. I’ve stopped drinking, going out, eating meat or drinking many dairy products. ┬áIt’s been pretty good for my cooking skills, and for my scrounging skills (see aforementioned strawberry greenhouses) but what I wouldn’t kill for that takeaway hot chocolate in the park.

It’s not all bad. I’ve recently found I have a particular affinity with making beeswax wraps, and I’ve fallen in love with my local library (I love my current home, so so much). I’ve been loving having a nearby zero waste store, and so so many parks (oh, and a wetland or five). It’s a different bit of Perth to what I’m used to, and it’s pretty nice. Sure, there are a higher proportion of old, conservative, crotchety, tiny dog owning, no-voting, Liberal fans, but they pale in comparison to waking up each morning to the sounds of my lovely (and yes-voting) housemates shuffling around the house at 6am and the gentle warbling of the magpies outside my window.




For now, I will try my best to updated this blog weekly, even if it has no readership, for nothing more than to have done what I set up to do – write more.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of my beeswax wraps you can find them here:
Witch of Waste

Much Love,