chocolate frogs 

Zero wast doesn’t mean you can’t eat junk food. 

Today was a bit of a hard day, so I went to Spudshed and got a bunch of junk food to eat while running my errands. (And to give as gifts to my hosts various hosts!) It felt good to shop waste free, and to use one of my favourite containers too. And I spent my off time loafing around my dads backyard where my faithful, yet grumpy, rabbit is currently boarding while im house hopping. 

Look at that barely suppressed rage – he hasn’t been able to sneak his way in to anyone’s bed for a whole week. (yes my rabbit sleeps in my bed occasionally, just picture a vegetarian cat okay) (don’t judge me)

Tomorrow I’m looking at a new house with my ~future housemate~ and relocating to house sit location #2. It’s a v idyllic riverside cottage which is unfortunately attached to an unnamed private school? Ho hum. It does come with a v cute dog and is deliciously isolated from anyone. 

Also later this week I’m going to a plastic free dinner party with aforementioned trash elimination inspiration, Lauren. We’re also going to make some plastic free/zero waste meals and visit the Wastefree Pantry. I’m really dorkily excited and despite having little to no viewership on the blog I will definitely blog about it. 

Wishing you a plastic free night x 

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