strawberries and grape tomatoes

A caveat on zero waste – After chatting to my friend Rob at a party last night (he’s doing plastic free july, and we ate so many chips guiltily because we can’t eat that packaged goodness any more) I’ve realised that I’m not completely the zero waste queen I might appear to be. Well, that I was before I broke my leg, then I started eating delicious packaged foods again and oh god it was good. But I don’t intend to be the kind of zero waste purist you see all over instagram, I want to be rational about it.

There are parts of my life that I just can’t compromise on. Mostly for me that’s medication. Anti anxiety medication, contraceptives, vitamins, painkillers… Without them my life would really, really suck. And to be honest, if I’m having a bad day I’m going probably buy a bottle of wine too.

I’m also controversially not a vegan. The one time I tried to be a vegetarian I had serious issues with anemia and I quite like cheese. And I have yet to find somewhere to buy strawberries and little tomatoes that doesn’t have packaging, but I still eat them on occasion. So sue me. I have enough issues eating regularly and maintaining a balanced diet anyway, so eating the good things I like helps me keep things balanced.

Zero waste is a hard change to make, and is incredibly worth it, but isn’t worth sacrificing your physical and mental health for.




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